Sunday Mornings

Good morning and hello 2017!

At the last-minute (like 10 hours beforehand last minute) E and I invited a few friends over to ring in the new year. A furry of post-travel-cleaning plus a trip to a crowded grocery store followed, but we made it happen. We needed paper crowns too. I’m a sucker for crafting.

This morning we’re celebrating with carbs and coffee. A breakfast feast of biscuits, bacon and eggs. One of E’s Christmas gifts from me was a waffle maker, so we’re skipping the usual Southern style New Years dinner (cabbage, black-eyed peas) and instead cooking (oven) fried chicken and waffles. It pairs well with champagne and will bring a different kind of luck.

Holidays are great, but I’m spent. My first day of 2017 will be one of reflection and rest. And probably some Netflix, let’s be real.

And now, slices of the internet for your hung over enjoyment:

Cheers to the new year!
2017, we’re ready for you.