Sunday Mornings

Our small Christmas tree is up and decorated. We went with white lights this year, though I’m typically a colored-lights-on-the-tree fan. Most of our ornaments are from childhood, including E’s Star Wars Death Star which plays the Emperor’s speech each time the lights click on. So while working in the late afternoon, I’ll suddenly hear this speech coming from our Christmas tree:

“As you can see, my young apprentice, your friends have failed. Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station! Fire at will Commander! (explosions)”

It takes a few days to get use to.

I hope your Sunday is filled with something calm and festive. Here’s a few highlights from the internet this week to read while nibbling a baked holiday treat or sipping a hot cup of cocoa (with extra whip cream, because #Sunday).

20 days until Christmas. We got this.

Sunday Mornings

I’m not sure how it is suddenly Thanksgiving week, but I’m ready to eat biscuits and have a Bloody Mary while watching the Macy’s parade. How about you?

I’m visiting my favorite place on earth this week (Northern California) and will be unplugging. No cell phone service. Hooray! Very much looking forward to hiking in the mist along the coast. It’ll be a time to reset all these emotions and breath.

And now, just for you, slices of the internet in all of its pre-Turkey day glory:

I’m grateful for lots of things and you’re one of them.
Thanks for stopping by.