Welcome to my blog, Cinema Sous Chef! A space for foodies and cinephiles – for creative conversations on film, food, taste and more.sarah-harris-badgephoto

My name is Sarah Harris. For over a decade I have curated films and events for film festivals and organizations like the Sundance Institute, Dallas Film Society, Denver Film Society, American Film Institute, Vimeo and more. Thanks to work, I watch more movies than I could ever count. Growing up in Southern Louisiana, the location’s unique culture shaped my palate. I fell in love with a filmmaker. We created a home together in California.

I love biscuits, beignets, BBQ and bourbon. Not always in that order.

If you’ve ever had trouble deciding what to cook for dinner or picking a movie, you’ll feel at home here. You may enjoy adventures in the crazy world of film festivals or insider scoops on the indie film landscape. Welcome. This blog grew out of my love for great film and food. My hope is you’ll feel inspired or encouraged here. That you’ll discover something new (or rediscover something old) and maybe take a chance on a film or meal. Algorithms are easy, but curation is more fun.

Say hello to me on Twitter (@CinemaSousChef) or email: CinemaSousChef (at) gmail (dot) com

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Thanks for hanging out. Let’s have some fun shall we?

IMDb Dinner at the Sundance Film Festival.