Sunday Mornings

Good morning dear reader! I hope your weekend has been filled with fresh air and a little sunshine. I can feel spring coming. Can you? Hang in there.

The photo above is a picture of bacon-and-chocolate -covered -strawberry-roses. Remember how on Thursday I mentioned I once did one fun Valentine gift for E? That was it. It was during my first year in Los Angeles and I decided to get crafty. Needless to say the roses (and how I delivered them) were a big hit. Now the bar has been set too high. (Also, I apparently had sushi that week?? I dunno.)

As for this week, I want to bake a chocolate cake. Not for Valentine’s Day per say, but mostly because I know it will be a rough work week. I feel like it will be good therapy/self-care: baking (and eating) a chocolate cake. Options one, two and three. (Feel free to add your vote or share a favorite in the comments!)

Besides looking at several dozen chocolate cake recipes, I found a few other tidbits on the ‘net this week.

Enjoy the day! Chocolate cake for everyone!




3 thoughts on “Sunday Mornings”

  1. I vote for cake #2! However, cake #3’s frosting sounds amazing!! I’m just not a bacon with chocolate fan.
    I owe you two cookies, they should be there Wednesday. You guys can eat them with the chocolate cake!


  2. There is book published by Williams-Sonoma that was simply called, Chocolate. This is not Like Water for Chocolate. It had everything, meringues, truffles, Bete Noir, flourless chocolate cake, etc., etc., The recipes are to die for, literally. Next to chocolate the next most common ingredient is butter. I have a copy of the book. But I regret that it is often out of print. If you love chocolate in your life, seek it out. You may find some of the recipes on line. And don’t forget the champagne or Proseco. 💞


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