Sunday Mornings

Texas, here I come!

My suitcase weighs 49.5 pounds. It is packed to capacity. The other bag is full of shoes. Why a bag just for shoes? Because when you stand on your feet for 12+ hours a day (sometimes running into a theater) one or two pairs of shoes for two weeks is not going to work.

I’m ready for more BBQ and breakfast tacos, familiar faces and a big Texas sky. Plus Whataburger. I’ve been craving it all week.

Keeping it short and sweet on this travel day. Here’s a few odds and ends that have been on my mind lately:

  • A new podcast from the crew of This American Life and Serial! S-Town is here on March 28. I’ll be binging on my flight post-festival, until then no spoilers please!
  • Face palm.
  • ICYMI, Cate Blanchett & Richard Linklater start shooting the adaptation of Where’d You Go, Bernadette this summer.
  • I was sad to hear of the passing of Amy Krouse Rosenthal earlier this month. In case you missed it, grab some kleenex and read one of the of her last (beautiful) essays.
  • One of the tricks about finding a place to live in LA is figuring out how far you are from the freeway or airport, both as a convenience and for all the noise/pollution. You can look up your neighborhood here: National Transportation Noise Map. #NoiseNerd
  • More science to geek out: Scientists Catch Star And Possible Black Hole In A Rapid, Dangerous Dance. Space. is. so. crazy.
  • Late March/early April is FULL of great film festivals. Kudos to all my friends out there making it happening with amazing lineups this year. Indiewire (which use to have larger coverage of film festivals in general) has a post that gives a run down of some announcements.
  • This Tropical Strawberry Hibiscus Rum Spitz cocktail looks so deliciously bright and colorful.
  • This: “At the root of this is the American obsession with self-reliance, which makes it more acceptable to applaud an individual for working himself to death than to argue that an individual working himself to death is evidence of a flawed economic system. The contrast between the gig economy’s rhetoric (everyone is always connecting, having fun, and killing it!) and the conditions that allow it to exist (a lack of dependable employment that pays a living wage) makes this kink in our thinking especially clear. “

Enjoy this lovely spring day! Thanks for reading!

Sunday Mornings

Hello hello.

It has been a week. A being-hit-by-a-bus-multiple-times-and-from-different-directions kind of week. There was gelato. At least two pints of it. And Apollo 13. We watched both out of a remembrance of the late, great Bill Paxton (who I met briefly through my work in Dallas) and because when things are going crazy, it’s nice to watch something where literally everything went wrong – IN SPACE – and people survived. Yes, the movie still holds up. I still think it is one of Ron Howard’s best.

Short and sweet today. A few internet highlights to enjoy with a glass of ice tea:

Enjoy the day. Hope you get to take a nap. I will be!

Sunday Mornings

Here’s the thing, I had my full dose of winter the last two weeks. I walked through a blizzard in Utah. I’m all good on snow and cold weather for 2017, thank you.

Even though it is January, I returned home with an overwhelming urge for spring. I’m eager for spring colors, blooming flowers and Easter dresses. Yesterday we went out for an afternoon treat that seems more suited for warm weather: non-dairy soft serve ice cream. Since my health situation has made me lactose free the last eight months, I haven’t done much ice cream lately. That’s been tough because before this situation ice cream was one of my favorite desserts. This was definitely a decision stemming from my spring fever. Mexican Hot Chocolate with caramel sauce for me and thai tea coconut for E. It was delightful. A great escape with one bite.

Is it bad that I’m rushing through the year when it has only just begun? February and March are always a blur due to work deadlines, so I feel like I’m already looking ahead to April. How else do you slow down?

The internet was overwhelming once again this week. Too much to keep up with. Here’s a few highlights for your weekend reading pleasure:

Be good.
Be kind.


Sunday Mornings

It feels like winter in Southern California. That is, this is the most wintery-winter I’ve ever experienced in LA. Plenty of rain and cool nights. It made me realize I’ve only ever lived in California during this several-years-long drought. I’m enjoying the rainy weather, mostly because I’m staying inside binging on hours of film submissions (and hot ginger tea).

Tomorrow I’m making my annual pilgrimage to the mountains of Utah, where there is real winter with snow and below freezing temperatures. Not my strong suit, but I’ll survive. With the aid of hot beverages and several cozy layers.

And now a few long reads and highlights from the world-wide web:

  • I’m team Moonlight. The background behind the story and the film is almost as beautiful as the film itself.
  • For those of you who can’t get enough of LA LA Land, you’ll enjoy this location map. Mia’s commute would suuuuck.
  • I’ve had “That Is Not What I Meant At All Face” on more than one occasion. And a few of the others, like “I Need a Cheeseburger and Possibly Two Face”.
  • Still missing Davie Bowie. A fun read: Stage Oddity: The Story of David Bowie’s Secret Final Project.
  • I’ve never been to Coachella, but I find the mix of money, politics and music fascinating. Waking Up to Coachella’s Conservative Tinge
  • And discuss: How Netflix is Deepening Our Cultural Echo Chambers
  • E and I went down memory lane recently and played The Oregon Trail while listening to ’90s music. Talk about a wild stay-at-home date night!
  • Mark your calendars: May 21. Guess this means we’ll be getting Showtime…
  • Most people have a general understanding of how a film is edited, but have you ever thought about an editor’s role on an animated film?
  • After attending advertising classes in SMU’s Temerlin Advertising Institute, I was fortunate to start my film programming career with the launch of the AFI Dallas International Film Festival (now known as Dallas International Film Festival). The festival came together in due part to the work of legendary Dallasite and the festival’s co-founder, Liener Temerlin. Thinking of those early days with his frequent office visits and a particular opening night when he walked to the back of the theater to discuss with the staff how to get a long-winded Mickey Rooney off the stage. Thanks for your leadership and civic service, Mr. Temerlin. Rest in peace.

I hope your Sunday is filled with something warm and bright. Be kind. Treat yourself. May be a rough week ahead.

Sunday Mornings

Good morning and hello 2017!

At the last-minute (like 10 hours beforehand last minute) E and I invited a few friends over to ring in the new year. A furry of post-travel-cleaning plus a trip to a crowded grocery store followed, but we made it happen. We needed paper crowns too. I’m a sucker for crafting.

This morning we’re celebrating with carbs and coffee. A breakfast feast of biscuits, bacon and eggs. One of E’s Christmas gifts from me was a waffle maker, so we’re skipping the usual Southern style New Years dinner (cabbage, black-eyed peas) and instead cooking (oven) fried chicken and waffles. It pairs well with champagne and will bring a different kind of luck.

Holidays are great, but I’m spent. My first day of 2017 will be one of reflection and rest. And probably some Netflix, let’s be real.

And now, slices of the internet for your hung over enjoyment:

Cheers to the new year!
2017, we’re ready for you.

Sunday Mornings

Happy Sunday! E and I recently saw Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. It was the third time this new 70mm print was screened and my first time to see it on the big screen. It was beautiful – and as strange as I remember. I was about 12 years-old when I watched 2001 for the first time thanks to my mom. It left an impression to say the least.

This new print was gorgeous. The colors vibrant and the darks deep. The second half of the film is always the best and most trippy. What was NOT enjoyable was the 30-something hipster gal in front of me instagramming most of the final 60 minutes (both photos and video). She “tried” to make it not conspicuous, but anytime a phone is out it’s a distraction. It glows. Especially in a film set in SPACE. By instagramming every two minutes, she was literally watching a 70mm print through her phone.

The absurdity of this was beyond me.

Besides the ‘gramming addict – and apparently Tom Hanks who was there that night and had his phone out too – a phone fell from the balcony above during one of the more climatic moments of the second half and landed (hard) on a man’s head in front of us. Startled, he yelled out, “Jesus Christ!”.

So, when the intro’er or programmer says to silence and put away your phones to enjoy the show… s/he is not doing it for their own health, but yours.haldonut

Another highlight of that night: HAL-9000 donuts!

And now, internet highlights for the last Sunday Mornings post of 2016:

  • I enjoyed this thoughtful article on the continued rise of streaming films, in particular focusing on Film Struck. “Streaming makes viewers pay forever, and regularly, in order to maintain access to movies that they might otherwise have had at hand—if they were near their home-video collections and if the equipment to play their disks continued to exist.” 
    What do you think?
  • Who wants to make Chocolate-Peppermint Fudge with me?
  • Or Caramel Rum Banana Bread?
  • 24-hours working at Franklin’s. I know, I know. I posted about Franklin’s last time, but this is a great piece to show you how much work goes into really amazing BBQ. There’s a reason why he’s the best.
  • A nice reminder for those of you hosting any holiday parties this month: always treat your non-drinker guests equally. I’ve cut out most alcohol the past six months for health reasons and navigating the social drinking side of this industry alone can be tough.
  • More “my generation is screwed” news.
  • If you’re a fan of reading screenplays or an aspiring screenwriter, then be sure to grab Moonlight by Barry Jenkins (courtesy of A24).
  • I’m weirdly fascinated with transportation logistics. The LA Times reflects on the future of FedEx. Check out Door to Door for further reading.
  • The transcript from the final hours aboard the bridge of the El Faro cargo ship were released. I read parts of the 510 page-transcript and could see where someone like Paul Greengrass could create a script if approached.
  • Kodak now has a website and app where you can search a location to find a movie that was shot or is being projected on film (as opposed to digital).
  • A long, good read: My President Was Black.
  • All I want for Christmas is breakfast tacos.

I hope you’re able to take a break from the holiday rush and enjoy a little sunshine today. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday Mornings

Our small Christmas tree is up and decorated. We went with white lights this year, though I’m typically a colored-lights-on-the-tree fan. Most of our ornaments are from childhood, including E’s Star Wars Death Star which plays the Emperor’s speech each time the lights click on. So while working in the late afternoon, I’ll suddenly hear this speech coming from our Christmas tree:

“As you can see, my young apprentice, your friends have failed. Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station! Fire at will Commander! (explosions)”

It takes a few days to get use to.

I hope your Sunday is filled with something calm and festive. Here’s a few highlights from the internet this week to read while nibbling a baked holiday treat or sipping a hot cup of cocoa (with extra whip cream, because #Sunday).

20 days until Christmas. We got this.